Profile: PPIG

PPIG aims to support the Continuous Improvement of any company that aspires to be World Class, demonstrate Best Practice and the desire to ‘Be the Best’.

PPIG with extensive experience of Asset Performance can build upon the success of Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) by adding what we believe is a radical departure from TPM – Manufacturing Capability. Manufacturing Capability means developing a detailed understanding of just how the various processes came together (often assumed but frequently misunderstood) – this means challenging our suppliers and their suppliers in establishing how the processes inter react and relate to each other.

PPIG can develop this approach in house with a specialist team and customise the whole process to ensure it compliments your existing culture – ensuring buy in from your operations staff.

An Asset Performance Program is one of continuous improvement that can move you much further than TPM and PPIG have programmes that challenge the way our supply chain works – we also support our suppliers by having a positive partnership sharing research and technology.